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Art, Illustration, & Classes for Your Creative Soul.

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Fine Art Prints

Stunning artwork by Eris Klein that will lift the energy of any room.


Art Classes

Select from a variety of classes in both traditional and digital mixed media


Art & Illustration Services

Illuminate your ideas with a custom illustration by a talented artist.

Whitewashed Wood



Whitewashed Wood

Do you love drawing? 

Explore drawing in Procreate and learn how to master traditional drawing techniques with graphite pencils, ink pens, charcoal and pastels on your iPad.


I'm Eris.

I am an Artist, Illustrator,
& Teacher.

I love to promote creativity wherever I can. It's like giving people keys to the magic kingdom within themselves.

So unleash your imagination
and let's get creative!


Procreate Brushes by Eris

Each one carefully crafted with the artist in mind.

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Watercolor Brushes

Realistic Watercolor Brushes! Includes, color palettes, textures, watercolor paper and tutorials!

01-PansyCover 15h.jpg

Pansy Garden Set

Multi-Color Flower Brushes! Joyfully create flowers, leaves, shamrocks and even little ladybugs.

01_Cover OceanGarden 72dpi.jpg

Ocean Gardens

Multi-Color Procreate Ocean Brushes. Create seaweed, coral, fish, jellyfish and watery backgrounds.

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