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Mixed Media Classes

Explore traditional & digital media with heart & soul!


Photoshop & Pencil Portraits

Mix Traditional & Digital Media
Transform your black & white media into colorful works of art!

beauty-within-class-badge (1).jpg

The Beauty Within

A Mixed Media Portrait Course

Discover unique techniques while
exploring the beauty within.


Celestial Skies

Watercolor & Mixed Media

Paint Stars, Moons, & Magical Figures!

. . .


Garden Portrait

Mixed Media Floral Portrait
Connect with the beauty of nature.
. . .

ButterflyDreaming _PromoShot-01.jpg

Butterfly Dreaming

Art Journaling, Butterflies & Dreams
Explore Art, Dreams, & Personal Transformation


Angel of Light

Mixed Media Figure Painting

Tap into Your Inner Angel & Bring in the Light!


Create a Vision Card for Your Creativity!

Find this FREE Lesson on my New YouTube Channel! If you like it, please subscribe!

I created this lesson for Life Book many years ago when I first started filming lessons. It shares many of my unique insights into the art process -- both technically and philosophically.

Go to: Eris Klein's YouTube

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