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About Eris Klein

Artist, Illustrator, Teacher

For over 20 years, Eris has provided inspirational art for a variety of businesses -- with an emphasis on mind-body, health & wellness.


A few of her previous clients include: Hay House, Yoga Journal, Psychology Today, Wild Oats, Herbs for Health, Rapunzel Organics, and Cricket Children's Magazine.

In addition, Eris has worked concurrently as a teacher at several Colorado Community Colleges and High Schools. In that time, she has managed to teach over 24 different art and multimedia courses.


She has taught Art Appreciation, Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Animation, Graphic Novels, and more!

Her education includes a BFA in drawing, a K-12 Art Teaching License, and 32 graduate credits in graphic design/multimedia.


Eris believes the imagination is a doorway to infinite possibilities. Open it and be prepared for the adventure!

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