Welcome! I'm Eris.

For over two decades I have provided inspirational art for a variety of businesses -- with an emphasis on mind-body-soul, health and wellness.


A few of my previous clients include: Hay House (Louise Hay), Psych-K, Yoga Journal, Psychology Today, Wild Oats, Herbs for Health, Rapunzel Organic Foods, Day Spa Magazine, and Cricket Children's Magazine.

In addition, I have worked as a full-time teacher at several Colorado Community Colleges and Charter High Schools. In that time, I have taught 24 different art and multimedia courses.


I've taught Art Appreciation, Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Animation, Graphic Novels, and more!

I have a BFA in drawing, a K-12 Art Teaching License, and 30 graduate credits in graphic design/multimedia.


I believe the imagination is a doorway to infinite possibilities. Open it and be prepared for the adventure!

Have a Creative Day!

Eris Klein

Eris Klein at the Temple of Consciousness, Crestone Colorado 2012

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