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Procreate or Fresco?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I have been comparing Procreate with Adobe Fresco and I must say, there are great things about both Apps. However, after much exploration, I've chosen Adobe Fresco for my figures and faces and Procreate for textures and patterns. At least that's the plan right now. So first, let me tell you what I love about Adobe Fresco...

What I Love About Adobe Fresco:

  1. I am not limited to only using an iPad or a particular screen size. I can use Fresco on a variety of computers and pressure-sensitive screen sizes - including my PC which is hooked up to a Wacom Cintiq. Thus I have the option to work on a large 24" screen or on an inexpensive tablet, if that is all I have at the time.

  2. The Brushes! Not only are there 1000's of free brushes, but I've found that Adobe Brushes are just a little more refined for creating fine works of art. Their Mixer Brushes blend colors remarkably well. Their Live Watercolor Brushes and Oil Brushes blow me a way! And then you have their Vector Brushes, which provide the option to create vector graphics with scalability for logos and illustrations.

  3. Fresco comes with an Adobe Cloud Subscription.... and as a professional and multimedia teacher, it is already apart of my work flow.

  4. The APP is Free. If you don't have an Adobe Subscription, you can still get the Fresco APP for Free. There are only a few limitations -- but not many. And if you do like the program and want ALL the paint brushes, it's only $9.99 a year!

Learn more about Adobe Fresco here:

Later, I will explain why I like Procreate. In time, I will probably use both, because they are both wonderful!


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