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NEW Angel Series

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

My NEW Angel series just flew in!.. This one is called "Grace". She may look like a Valkyrie, but for me she is beyond war stories. Instead, she lives in a world of inspiration, where everything is filled with lucid light. There she resides in a state of Grace.

This painting is all hand done. It is created with my own atmospheric photography, a little traditional oil paint combined with Adobe Fresco's live brushes and then all painstakingly collaged together in Photoshop.

To view more of my art, go to my store, under the Art & Prints tab.

In addition to art prints, I would like to also offer embellished art prints of my New Angel Series. This would include hints of iridescent paint and real silver or gold leaf. Currently only by request. Go to contact form. if interested.


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