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Teaching Experience

Eris Klein has 15+ years’ experience teaching. She has taught college level graphic design & multimedia classes to a diverse range of adults and high-school students. Three years were proudly spent teaching at Hispanic Serving Institutions. 
She has taught Art Appreciation, Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Animation, Graphic Novels, and more!
And now she creates her own online classes, where she does all the work herself - from initial concept to the videography.

Samples of
Community College Student Work
2001 - 2022

April H.

I recently purchased Eris’s procreate course and I am so blown away. I’ve really enjoyed the “no stress” and easygoing nature of the way Eris teaches. I’m really learning everything there is to know about Procreate. It’s so comprehensive but it’s also very easy to understand and fun to learn with Eris. Thank you so much for your amazing course!

Sandy B.

Eris Klein has gone above and beyond and beyond that in the latest class "Beauty Within." Hands down a masterful teacher in every way. After taking many many online classes, I have to say, this one has blown me away. Thank you so much Ivy for introducing us to Eris Klein, I am so grateful, and I look forward to learning from her class. I've been wanting to learn how to draw a face for the longest time and her teaching style explains it better than I've ever seen. I feel I have the confidence with her instruction and practice that I will be able to draw a face. Unbelievable class.

Ruby S.

This lesson gave me the ability to express the profound changes I have been through. Eris is such a kind, gentle teacher, and her art is so inspirational to me. I loved the course! Five stars and five hearts!
“in diversity there is beauty and there is strength”

Maya Angelou

Image by Guille Álvarez
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