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Making Art in the Age of AI

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

For me, Art is more than a just pretty object, it is a process that I can only describe as transcendent and otherworldly, yet deeply connected to life. When one creates with their own hands and imagination it is often a very human and spiritual experience. Hopefully one feels that when they purchase art made by a real artist.

Unfortunately, there is a flood of Ai Art on Etsy these days and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. My only concern with using artificial intelligence for art, is that we become removed from the deeply spiritual & healing experience of artmaking and become complacent in allowing a machine to do everything for us.

Trained as a fine artist and illustrator from the old school, I worked hard to develop my drawing and painting skills using physical materials. I also use Photoshop and digital painting software, as I find that those programs still require tremendous skill and creativity. HOWEVER, I do not feel the same about AI art.

AI art generators do not require any skill or imagination to use them and I have seen how they can fully detach the individual from the benefits of personal growth that art-making provides. Also, some Ai Art generators, do not acquire their images ethically or have any respect for artists rights.

Indeed, some "Ai Artists" with out art skills do not respect skilled artists or artwork at all. I doubt that many of them have even gone to an art museum or gallery. Yet, I find them mass producing images and calling themselves artists, while hiding behind fake bios.

What's up with that?

Not that it is bad to want to make a living from art. Traditional artists are often too humble and get undervalued all the time, when they deserve so much more! But money aside, the motivation to do art is generally compelled by something deeper. Something priceless and very human, that a computer can not possibly know -- atleast not currently.

Simply put, I don't know what to think of AI Art yet. I am still trying to wrestle with the huge impact it is creating for both good and bad.

But regardless of all this, whatever medium I do end up using, now or in the future, it is my desire to remain ethical, authentic and create from my own heart and soul. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Pick up a paint brush or dabble with digital painting! But use your own mind and body and create something.

Here's wishing you a Creative and Magically Soul-filled Day! 💖


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