Celestial Skies


Watercolor & Mixed Media

Have fun painting stars, moons, whimsical landscapes, and magical figures. Meanwhile, you will develop your watercolor skills, learn new mixed media techniques, and get rare insights from a talented artist/illustrator.

Online Art Classes


Butterfly Dreaming

Art Journaling, Magical Portraits, & Dreams

Tap into your dreams and transform into the lovely butterfly you truly are.

beauty-within-class-badge (1).jpg

The Beauty Within

A Mixed Media Portrait Course

Mixed media portraits about the beauty and wonder within. Currently Featured on Ivy Newport's wonderful site.

Portraits & Photoshop

Traditional & Digital Media

Combine traditional portrait drawing
with the magic of Photoshop.


Life Book 2021

Art for Your Health & Well-being

Life Book is a year-long mixed media art class focused on creativity & wellbeing.


Garden Portrait

Mixed Media & Portrait Painting

Celebrate your connection to nature's beauty with a colorful garden portrait.

Angel of Light

Pastels & Mixed Media

Get ready to tap into your own angel energy 
and bring in the light!