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Painting Meditation #1

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I created this intuitively. I had to! After decades serving as a teacher and illustrator, I finally hit a creative block where I felt lost and wasn't sure I even liked painting anymore. Art had become such an effort and I think it was because all the expectations that occur when you do it for a living. They just kind of creep up from behind and before you know it, they got you!

Thus, I have decided to set aside 2 hours a day for painting without any plan or expectations - just an open heart and open mind.

For this painting I approached the blank canvas with no idea in mind. I allowed the paint to flow where it would and then responded to it. I worked back and forth between me and something larger than me -- it felt like dancing! I had no idea where it would lead, I simply enjoyed the process. Eventually a form appeared. It looked like a cloaked figure who was meditating -- thus I painted it.

In the end, I am surprised at how this painting reflects the deeper side of me that I tend to hold inside. Creating it felt like an invisible music was flowing through me when I did it and I wasn't even playing anything! I created it in the silence.

I can't wait to do more of these!

Namaste my friend. :)


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